This is how you trade safe with a crypto bot

You want to start earning money with a crypto bot, but you're not sure if this is safe. It is true that you have to watch out for hackers, but there are ways to trade safe. In this article we will give you five tips to trade safe with a crypto bot.

Tip 1: Choose the right crypto bot

There are many crypto bots out there and the security of these bots can be very different. While choosing a crypto bot you should always check out the security of the bot. Smartcryptobot is an example of a safe cryptobot and it's also one of the best and most extensive bots out there.

Tip 2: Don't give your bot withdraw access

If your account gets hacked, you don't want hackers to have access to your bank account as well. That's why it's better to disable withdraw access. Potential hackers can't get access to your bank account than

Tip 3: Don't share your API key

Of course you will talk with friends and family about the bot you are using and the strategies. Though it is important that you don't share your API key with them, even not with your best friend. They can try something on your API key and make a loss or worse: they can steal all your cryptocurrency. That's why you should always keep your API key for yourself.

Tip 4: Set up two-factor authentication

If you want to make it harder for hackers to access your crypto account, you should set up a two-factor authentication system. You can use two passwords or a password and a code that will be sent to your phone. This makes it harder for hackers to log in to your account.